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As a carrier neutral Data Center, located in a former telephony exchange, 3DC operates two independent duct entrances towards the city infrastructure. Each entrance consist of 20 Ф110mm ducts, terminated into two separate entrance rooms into the building, enabling redundant DF access to our premises. Direct connectivity to the fiber rings of most of the long haul carriers and major local and International ISP’s backbones lets the 3DC customers to have a wide choice of service options at no additional local loop or cross connect cost.

To meet our customers’ growth needs and respond to fast-changing traffic demands, we’ve designed cabling infrastructure that allows flexible and scalable interconnection configurations. All cables for power and fiber/copper are laid at separate A&B overhead cable trays providing rapid cable management provisioning of bandwidth from a large choice of providers in the meet-me areas. 3DC employs open cross connect policy which allows customers to directly connect to any other customer or telecom within the center on a cost base one time charge and no additional monthly fees. A broad choice of speeds and media types is supported to meet the customer demands.

Cross connects are established quickly and easily by our technicians 24x7 and we support on stock cables for intra-cabinet wiring such as Coax, CAT5/6, Single-Mode Fiber, Multi-Mode Fiber.