Home Data Center Building


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Constructed in 1985 as a regional telephony exchange for the incumbent BTC, the building is reinforced for telecommunication services. At the moment 3DC owns in total 3000 m2, including basement, transformer station, 10kV switch board, second, third and fourth floors.

The gross Co-location center size is 3000 m2, with net technical space for data center racks of more than 1200 m2. The support areas comprising about 1000 m2 include:

  • electrical transformer station
  • diesel generators plant
  • separate A&B rooms for main electric distribution units
  • separate A&B rooms for battery compartments
  • separate A&B rooms for fiber entry & distribution
  • separate A&B rooms for power distribution units
  • separate A&B rooms for cooling circulation pumps and others.

Additionally there is customer related space including staging room, storage facility, conference room, bathroom and rest area. Free customer and visitor parking space available. On the roof of the building there is a 622 m2. dry cooling plant. Additional space is provided for GPS antennas or radio-relay equipment.

The incoming power feeds comprise of four cables, coming in from two different electricity distribution substations @ 10kV to the transformer station.

As former telephony exchange, the building terminates vast amount of fiber and copper, and is on the both incumbent and alternative telecoms fiber ring routes. All major local and international carriers, have direct fiber connectivity to the facility.