Home Data Center Cooling


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Nowadays Data Centers are scaled on power. As the demand for cooling continues to increase, our modern and Green Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is a key feature of the premium infrastructure we provide to customers.

Each data center room is designed with a redundant (N+1) HVAC system to provide stable air flow, temperature and humidity essential for equipment operation. Reliability is in every detail:

The co-location rooms are equipped with 60 cm unobstructed raised floor, with all cables for power and data on separate overhead cable trays, which enables pressurizing with cold air. The perforated floor panels deliver cold air to the exact locations needed to cool the load – in front of the racks. The environment is maintained at 21°C ±2°C with 50% humidity.

Designed for 6 kW per rack average power consumption, Cold Aisle Containment System (CACS) is used for all areas where 3DC provides racks. That approach extends the power density achievable with normal flow-through ventilation of cold air up-to 10-12kW per rack.

Additionally ultra-high density zones with upto 30 kW per rack are supported in order to accommodate custom build-outs and in-row cooling cabinets.